Ken Coleman Biography

Ken Coleman creates Digital Art that builds on his various Fine Art training as well as his interest in Photography, Mixed Media and Self Taught Digital Techniques He started creating art at age 8 and spent many years learning techniques from various sources before attending LSAD where he was introduced to Adobe Photoshop. Ken is currently undertaking a Masters in Interactive Media at the University of Limerick and currently photographs for publications such as Hot Press and Molten Magazine. His Artwork has been featured in Publications such as Advanced Photoshop, Imagine FX and Advanced Photoshop Germany. In 2009 he was awarded Best In Show In Issue 51 Of Advanced Photoshop Magazine and earned a spot as Featured artist for December on The Illustration Source.

Recently Ken won the reader challenge in issue 2 of Practical Photoshop. ”Kens Image showcases technical skill and an artful eye “ Brian Brain Editor, Practical Photoshop Magazine .He has participated in group exhibitions as well As Exhibiting at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con In addition, Ken has been commissioned to create Art & Photography for Numerous Musical Acts ranging from Hip Hop To heavy Metal. His work has been seen on Television as well on the shelves of HMV having created work for three Top ten singles as well as creating Imagery for the Washington based GI Film Festival.

In his work Ken often uses modern digital techniques combined with traditional ideas from his formal training. Ken uses all his own stock photography as well as 3d models and traditional sculpture techniques, found material with an emphasis on texture to create his images He continues to explore new ways to combine medias and to discover new workflows and styles. Recently Kens work has taken a new direction exploring Live Digital Art using a modified drawing tablet, projection and open source drawing programs focusing on working with Musical acts as well as accompanying abstract soundscapes.


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